Sunday, 10 April 2016

April Resolution

Apologies for the late post. I know we're well into April now, but I haven't forgotten about my monthly resolutions! The March resolution was more difficult than you'd think. My plants died...more than once...

I ended up deleting the app, because honestly, it pissed me off! I had notifications all day, I wasn't drinking as much water as I should have, but I was drinking a lot more than I used to! I made a conscious effort to grab water whenever I could, and I still am to be fair! It was difficult for me to keep up with the app, but I'm still being a bit better with my water intake! Just not as strict as the plants would want me to (RIP Ivy and Dandy)

April so far has bought me a dry spell with the blog post inspiration. I was so happy last month, because I was bubbling with ideas, and managing to post more consistently than before. I'll admit that's dwindled over the past few weeks, and that makes me feel so guilty! I want to be consistent and watch my little blog grow and progress. That's why this months resolution is...

Take more time out for blog planning

I'm going to try and get myself a bit more organised, and plan a little better with posting. I need to learn how to organise my time a little better, and it will more than likely take longer than a month to get there, but that's what I'm going to kick start this month!

I definitely need a change in routine, and hopefully that will reflect in my future posts. If any of you fellow bloggers have any tips and tricks, please share. I would love to hear any ideas

Thank you for reading :) 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

E is for...Einstein's

E was another hard letter to think of for a good date. I even googled it to find some ideas, but even then I had no luck. In the end we decided to go to a local bar called Einstein's. It's a gorgeous German style bar that serve amazing food.

We are regular visitors to Einstein's, as they do amazing cocktails and a great selection of German beers. When they first opened, Dan had a mission to try a different beer every time as they had that many. I'm not sure that he's actually managed to complete this! They also do large two pint steins if you're feeling brave.

The food really is gorgeous here. We rarely come to this place for a date, which is a shame as it is a really lovely atmosphere. I've sampled a few things on the menu, but this time I went for a currywurst pizza. Curry ketchup truly is a thing of the gods, and a pizza made with it, well there are no words really.

They also play old school music which I am a big fan of. I think this place is aimed more at the older generation, but I always enjoy going in for a cocktail or two.

I do apologise that E wasn't a more exciting date, but to be perfectly honest, they're not always going to be adventurous outings. I always have a great time no matter what we do, so to me I feel like anything beginning with E would have been nice, but it doesn't always make for great blog content I guess. I promise F will be more of an interesting date ;)

Let me know what you thought of this post. If you ever come across a German style restaurant, go in and sample the food. You may surprise yourself by trying something a bit different!

Thank you for reading :)