Monday, 5 May 2014

Spring Nails

I realise that we're nearing the end of spring and I'm ridiculously late to the party but after going through my recent purchases of pastel nail polishes, I decided I would do a spring nails post to show off what I've been wearing recently. These are my favourite colours at the minute and I think they're perfect for spring as they're light, bright and girly.

This is a gorgeous pastel pink (that randomly reminds me of tubby custard!) it is a matte finish colour which I love the look of however the matte finish doesn't last very long if I'm honest. It is still a gorgeous colour though regardless and one that makes me feel very girly when I wear it,

I really love the topshop nail polishes, they've got a lovely range of pastel colours for a not so ridiculous price. This is a lovely light baby blue colour that is really sweet and looks really cute on the nails. I think it's a very easy to wear, everyday colour.

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in 'Lychee' - £3.99

This is a great nude colour that I love the look of for spring. The Barry m gelly polishes are great I have to say, I've got quite a few shades and they're so long lasting which is fantastic. I have quite a few nudes beige colours in my nail polish collection however I think this one is my favourite.

The Les blances range of nail polishes by Loreal are so sweet and lovely, they have four pastel shades; purple, yellow, pink and green, I limited myself to one when I was shopping in boots and it was a toss up between this and their yellow shade but the purple one won. What did it for me was the lovely lavendery look of it, it also reminds me of Parma violets (I think of the weirdest comparisons) a perfect colour for spring

I hope you enjoyed looking my little spring collection, I've seen quite a few posts like this and thought it was a fun idea to show off. Let me know if you've tried any of the above and how you got on with them, what are your favourite spring polishes? 

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