Saturday, 8 August 2015

Skincare Shelf

I thought that i'd share my current skincare routine, as this payday i bought a few different products to try, and they've been absolutely brilliant.

I tend to buy a bunch of new skincare bits every couple of months so i might make this a regular post that i update every once in a while.

In the mornings, my skincare routine is quite boring. I like to wash off all of the products that i've used the night before first off, to do this i normally go for a gel cleanser. I picked up the Garnier PureActive Anti-Perfection Cleansing Gel because i've been really impressed by their skincare bits recently, and also let's be honest, it was really cheap! I genuinely think i have this to thank for my sudden change in skin. My face feels incredibly clear, i haven't had any blemishes or breakouts since i've been using it. The product is suited for 'oily skin prone to imperfections' and boasts to 'eliminate impurities and shine, and tighten pores'. I definitely agree with everything that this gel claims to do, if you do have problem skin then i think that this could work wonders for you. It also gives a nice (but not painful!) tingle to the skin when you use it, which really wakes you up in the morning!

In addition to picking up the cleansing gel, i also picked up the Garnier PureActive Micellar Cleansing Water. I've already sampled and been a fan of the normal Micellar Cleansing Water that Garnier do, but this one purifies your skin a bit more i would say. It gives you more of a deeper cleanse than the normal version.

Lastly, i have been using the Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid as a moisturiser in the morning and evenings. First off, this smells beautiful! I think it's like a rosey scent, that's what it reminds me of anyway! It's lightweight, non-greasy, and can be used on normal, dry or combination skin. This has been leaving my skin feeling so incredibly soft and has sorted out my annoying dry patch under my eye! (which i thought only Clinque moisturiser could do, thank god i found a cheaper alternative!)

That's it for my skincare shelf this month, i prefer to use high street stuff when it comes to every day skin products. I do splash out now and again on a really great treat product, but all of my reviews will mainly be high street, as that's what i can generally afford!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my skincare shelf and thank you so much for reading!

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