Sunday, 11 October 2015

Maybelline Creamy Mattes

Who doesn't go crazy over a matte lipstick? I very rarely go for anything other than matte to be honest with you, i think that they just look classic and gorgeous. When i saw the new creamy matte range from Maybelline, i had to grab some. I've been a big fan of their lipsticks in the past, and thought these would be no exception.

I picked up two shades, a gorgeous rosy red (siren in scarlett) and a deep plum (divine in wine). The darker shade is definitely my favourite. It's a great bold colour that gives me a 90's vibe. The red colour is also amazing, it gives a nice red lip without being too in your face. 

As for the lipstick itself, they are just as creamy as they claim to be. Amazingly soft on the lips and feel very moisturising. The only thing i would say is that they don't last on the lips for that long a time, but the colour payoff is excellent and they are lovely and pigmented.  

Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think to them? Do you have a favourite? 

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