Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Soap & Glory - One Heck of a Blot Range

You may have seen this little collection sneak up on the Soap and Glory stands at Boots. I did originally want to re-purchase the One Heck of a Blot powder, which is a staple for us shiny gals,  but when I saw the range and a 3 for 2 label, I could not resist.

I thought I would review the primer and foundation individually with the use of other products, and then altogether using them all. I use the powder daily, as I think it is the best blotting powder out there. This product on its own is fantastic and will reduce oiliness as well as giving you a perfect finish over make up. If you go for one thing in this range I would recommend this.

Obviously everyone has different skin types and different routines when it comes to touching up their make up. I personally have combination skin, but throughout the day I do get very oily and shiny around my T zone and on my cheeks.

The primer is thick in consistency and quite tacky. It is still quite smooth on the skin giving a nice even base for make up application. I have used this with my Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation, and have found that I stay shiny free for about 4 hours.  This for me is pretty good, as it normally only takes me a couple of hours to be reaching for my powder! I have to say also when I do feel my face becoming oily, it's not as bad as it usually is with a normal primer/foundation. It manages to reduce the oiliness of my skin throughout the day very well.

The foundation is unlike any that I have used before. It is a liquid to powder foundation with a very bizarre consistency. There are only four shades which isn't great, but as this is a new range I'm assuming they want to test the waters before they bring out any more. I obviously went for the lightest shade which is fair enough, the shade is actually called fair enough! you can't beat Soap and Glory for their clever play on words. A word of warning! If you have dry skin/patches, I imagine that this would cling to them quite badly. This managed to keep me oily free for about 5 hours which is pretty good! It does however tend to look a bit patchy though as the day goes on. Overall it is a good foundation that gives a good flawless base, and does a great job at reducing oiliness.

Primer/Foundation Combo
Together, these products are a fierce attack on shine, keeping me oil free for around 5/6 hours. The thing i do find though is that this does get quite patchy and if you're not careful, it can look very cakey if you put a generous amount of foundation on in the first instance and then topping up with powder.

Overall i would say that this is a very unique range that is definitely worth trying. I love the primer and the powder, the foundation is definitely worth trying but its not the best I've ever used. If you've tried Soap and Glory products before, you'll know that they're a fantastic brand and always bring out worthwhile products. Also as a side note, the packaging is beautiful!

What do you think of Soap and Glory products? Have you tried anything in this range? What's your favourite?

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