Sunday, 13 March 2016

D is for...Driving Range

So we couldn't for the life of us think of a D date. I suggested we order a dominoes, which we did (they do sriracha as a topping now - it's a game changer), but we thought we can't really count that as a date. So after much debate, we decided to go to the driving range. Dan's a good golfer, he's been golfing since he was five, and I've never golfed in my life, so I thought this would be interesting to say the least...

We headed over to Grassmoor driving range, which Dan is a regular visitor to. If you're thinking of cheap date ideas, then the driving range is pretty good. Obviously different places will differ in prices, but for us it was £4 for 100 balls.

Keep your arm straight, legs shoulder width apart, keep your knees bent, but not too bent, use your shoulders not your arms. I swear Dan could shadow as a golf instructor, but seriously I was a lost cause. I couldn't master how to swing without bending your arms! I eventually got slightly okay-ish at it towards the end. It really is all in the hips (there was a lot of Happy Gilmore referencing).

It also can hurt your hands quite a bit from gripping on the club, but even if you're useless like I am, it is a laugh and something different to do. The whole point in the alphabet dates is doing something that you wouldn't normally do, and I'm glad we went and experienced it, even though I was shockingly bad.

I'm really happy with this picture I got of Dan in action, he does look very pro. In the one Dan got of me, I look very useless and confused! So let's leave this one up and be happy.

Let me know if you think this is a good date idea, and PLEASE if you have any ideas for the E date, share them with me!

Thank you for reading!

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