Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

As 2013 comes to an end, I can't help but feel relieved. Isn't it strange how the end of a calendar year can make us feel so positive and prepared to start again? The concept of a new year for most people means a new start and a new outlook on life. I'll be one of many to admit that the changes I set out to make usually fall flat after a couple of weeks. I'm one of those people that always has the best intentions but ends up just slipping back into the old routine. 

I'm not going to be naive enough to say "these are my New Years resolutions and I will stick to them this time!" Because I know that that might not happen, don't get me wrong I do fully intend to fulfil them, but all that I am trying to do with them is map out the kind of things that I want to achieve. Without sounding too dramatic, this year has been very challenging, I've realised a lot about myself and about the things that I want to do and that has been the biggest positive out of all the experiences I've had this year. On that note, here are my resolutions:

I need and I mean NEED to get my arse in gear and dedicate myself to blogging. It's a very scary concept starting a blog and that fear has prevented me from posting. I need to realise that I do have the potential to do this and I am going to take that positivity and put myself out there more.

I feel like this could be the most challenging resolution which will require the most dedication. I signed up for the gym in September and all the way through to November I was doing fairly well. December hits and for a lot of reasons I point blank just stopped going. I got into the faulty thinking of "oh I'll boss it in the new year so I can just have a month off - it's Christmas and all that" which I am so mad at myself for! I have made an actual gym routine (which will be fun to see how long I carry that on for), I have a class timetable for my gym so that I can dedicate myself to actually go to the classes, meet more gym people and motivate myself more. This is one that I really would love to stick to.   

I think a lot of people have this one. For me, it's more about losing that self-doubt. I need to remember that I can achieve the things that I want and I shouldn't let anyone make me feel like I can't. I need to get rid of the things in my life that put me down. 

Kind of a negative one but I've realised a lot about the friends that I can trust (which seems to be very little) I have made a few changes in my life over the past month and despite whether they might be the right thing to do or not, it's truly bought to light who my real friends are and the people that genuinely have my best interests at heart. I adore the friends and family that in my life and I'm very lucky to have them.

I adore reading but never seem to find time to actually sit down with a book.  I'm going to dedicate my free lunch breaks to reading. I weirdly feel clearer after having even half an hour in silence with a book. It sets my mind at ease with whatever stress I have or if something's getting me down. This is actually an easy one for me to stick to!

I could write myself tons and tons of resolutions but I think I'll stick to just these five. We never know where the year will take us and I guarantee that this time next year I'll be in a place in my life that I never expected to be. I really can't wait. 

Let's have a 2014 to remember!   

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