Tuesday, 7 January 2014


One thing that has always been on my 'things to do before I die' list has been to get a tattoo. It's always been one of those things that I've dreamed about doing, the thought of having something permanent on your skin, something bold to make a statement to everyone is such a desirable thing. I suppose I've just never had the courage to go through with it or the imagination to think of something creative and original to have.

I've had the idea of having a diamond for a while, (explained below) but what drove me to actually have it done was quite a silly impulse. I turned 20 in December and I was sat at work a few weeks before my birthday and it hit me that these were the end of my teenage days. That thought terrified me more than it should have done really. I felt like I hadn't made the most out of being 'young' and I had this silly idea to do the most reckless things that I could think of in the weeks leading up to the day. I had so many ideas but one that really did appeal to me was to get a tattoo. Since I had never had any before, the thought of having one seemed really exciting.

When I seriously put my mind to it, there were of a few ideas that I had umm'd and ahh'd over in the past. I wanted something small to ease my way in - me being a ridiculous wuss and having a low threshold for pain. I also wanted something that meant something special. The diamond carries quite a personal message to me. My grandad, who died a year ago, always called me his 'little diamond'. My dad said that when I was born he was beaming with pride and the nickname stuck. He always saw the best in me, thought i was incredibly smart, beautiful, kind, all the good things that grandad's see that their granddaughters necessarily don't see in themselves.

I got the diamond to not only remind myself of him, but to remind myself that I can live up to the image that he had of me in his head. He saw all that potential in me and I owe it to him to make him proud.

After a few weeks of dire panic that it was scabbing and peeling (!) i can now say it looks (in my opinion) amazing and I'm absolutely in love with it! I will admit yes it did hurt but not as much as I thought. I think building up the pain before you go makes it seem better when you actually go through it, because it isn't as bad as you think. 

The pain can't have been that bad because I'm already thinking of having more! It is so true that once you have one done you get a craving for more...

Thoughts on tattoos?

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