Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gone Girl - The book/film experience

*Don't read for spoilers*

So I went to go and see the film adaptation of Gone Girl a few weeks ago with my friend Jade, we had both spent the last month reading it and we were both hooked on the story. Once we had both finished it, we were buzzing to see the film because the story is incredible and we were both so interested in how they had adapted it for the screen. 

I thought this film was really good, it was really well filmed and the actors were great. I think Rosamund Pike was a brilliant Amy Dunne, purely for those crazy eyes! For me, in the opening scene when she turns around and you see her eyes, she looks terrifying! she's got that psychotic look about her that fits so well. (I also have big love for Ben Affleck <3)

I do think that they missed a lot of things out of the film that were included in the book. I understand that to fit it all into one movie that yes they would have to cut a lot out, but it does annoy you from having read the book to being like "ooh that didn't happen like that" or "oh no but they've missed out that part" it is a little frustrating especially when it's a book that you really loved. 

For my friend, this was the first time that she had read a book before seeing the film version and then going to see it afterwards. She came out really annoyed that they had changed so much and left so much out. For me, this has happened a few times so I was expecting as much. It does annoy me but I understand that they can't physically put every little detail into a film without them making it into a TV series or something, which my friend suggested would have been better for this book. 

It did get me thinking about all of the movies this year that have come out in the cinema that have been based on books. It's got to the point where you see a trailer at the cinema for a film and you can tell which ones are book adaptations just from a snippet of it. It makes me kind of sad that it seems like movie producers don't have any good fresh ideas coming in so they just take a book and turn it into a film. You do also get that annoyance that if you're a big fan of the book, you know that they will never do it justice to how you read it and how you felt it.

I had this recently when I went to see the book thief which is my favourite book of all time. I loved this book so much that I knew they wouldn't portray it in the way that I fully imagined it and how I took the story. On the other hand, I think they did do a great job and that it was a very good film, but the film never quite compares to your experience with the story.

What do you think about film adaptations of books? What's your favourite or least favourite? Also if you've read/been to see gone girl, let me know what you thought of it. I feel missing without the book to read now I've finished it! Such a good read 

Happy Sundays to all! xx

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