Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pinterest Picks

My name is Lauren, and i'm addicted to Pinterest.

I think Pinterest is the main source of blame for my procrastination, it is always my go-to app on my phone when i'm bored, i can spend a ridiculous amount of time on it. I thought i would do a feature where i share my loved pins of the week (since i always have some to share!)

  • Firstly, yes i have started a christmas board already! Even though i'm sure some would agree i'm late to the party here judging by all the stuff I've come across on Pinterest. I adore these Grinchkabobs, i think they're so cute and a nice healthy snack too. I can't wait to make these at christmas, i think my little nieces will love them - pinned on my 'Jingle Bells' board
  • Secondly i came across this great guide to contouring your face for different face shapes. I thought this was great as there are loads of help guides on pinterest but obviously not everyone has the same face shape so a lot of them aren't as helpful for everyone. I found this really interesting - pinned on my 'Make Up' board
  • Thirdly i just fell in love with this look, the jacket is stunning even though i'm not sure i'd be brave enough to pull it off! I am now desperate to find a lovely embellished jacket to pair with a fedora - pinned on my 'Style' board
  • Fourthly i saw this little butterfly-tea-bag-holder-whatever-the-heck-they-are-called-things and thought it was adorable! I so want to make some! Think they'd be lovely for a tea party or something sweet like that - pinned to my 'Ideas' board
  • Lastly, oh my god this lady is incredibly talented! The make up here is something i could never pull off and i think it looks fantastic for Halloween. I've been scouring Pinterest for Halloween ideas and this one really caught my eye (too cheesy?) I won't be attempting to recreate it but thought i'd share it because i thought it was amazingly done - pinned to my 'Fancy Dress' board
Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as me? Let me know if there's any boards that i should check out!

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