Thursday, 14 January 2016

A is for...Arcades and Aquariums

So if you listen to Matt Edminson on Radio one, or follow Tom Fletcher on youtube, then you will probably have heard of alphabet dates. A concept that is sickeningly romantic and quirky, that I just had to give it a go. As you can gather, the basis is that you and your significant other make your way through the alphabet by going on dates that begin with A, then B, then C, and so on. Dan and I figured out if we start this in 2016, we can do one date every two weeks.

So we started with A (obviously), and let me tell you it’s harder than it looks to think of specific dates! Especially with Dan’s best efforts including “A drink” and “A meal”.

In the end we decided with aquarium as there is one near to us in Matlock Bath. With that we could also go to the arcades that are there. Two A’s, one stone.

I've been to Matlock Bath a handful of times in my childhood, but never before realised how actually bizarre it is. It is effectively a seaside town without any seaside. When we first got there, we went straight for some fish and chips, and I was commenting on how it was odd to come in January when it’s cold, but nice to do something outside the norm. I then realised how weird it actually was, as people usually come in the summer, and go for fish and chips, go on the arcades, etc. and why? Why not go to Scarborough or Skegness which has all of this and more, as they are actual seaside towns! Why do we have this random tourist place in the middle of the country? It’s still got me a little baffled if I'm honest. I'm grateful that Dan puts up with my meaningless ramblings, as this went on for about half an hour.

After fish and chips, (I had chips and gravy, and I was quite disappointed with the lack of thickness to my gravy if I'm honest. As a northerner I feel like I'm allowed to comment on this, but really no one likes watery gravy on chips, am I right?) we headed to the arcade which was gloriously tacky and entertaining. I am addicted to Zingy machines, so Dan had to pull me away from that, but we did win the jackpot of £10 on a Deal or no Deal fruity. Happy days.

Next was the aquarium. If you've ever been to the Matlock Bath aquarium, you’ll know it’s extremely disappointing. As a kid I used to love it, so despite it being slightly shit, it was nice and nostalgic to go to. Also I don’t think it really matters what you do on a date. The fact that you’re doing an activity gives you conversation and things to laugh at. Particularly  if what you’re doing is awful, they’ll always be things to find funny, for example moody af catfish, and turtle orgys.

So that was our A date. It was a lovely start to the challenge I think, and it was a perfect style of date for us. I am really looking forward to the rest of the alphabet, because it’ll allow us to do things that we wouldn't normally do, and I'm hoping we’ll find lots of new things that we enjoy. I may blog all of the dates we go on, or I may just do the interesting ones. I’ll have to decide as we go along.

What do you think of this idea? Is it something that you and your partner would try? If you’re single then you could easily just do this with your best friend, I think that’d be equally as fun! Let me know your thoughts.

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