Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Workouts at Home

Who has the time/money/motivation for the gym? Quite a lot of people actually who like to put us all to shame....BUT if you're a lazy person, who hates working out in front of others, is cheap and feels like you have no time to go the gym, then this post is for you!

I do all my exercise at home. I follow a bunch of youtube accounts/blogs that are dedicated to exercise and keeping fit! The beauty is that you can do this in the comfort of your own living room, you don't have to worry about what you're wearing, you can plan your workouts on how much time you have to spare, and you don't have to worry about actually getting up and going to the gym!

I thought as there will be quite a few of you who will want to try and lose weight or be healthier in the new year, that i would do a post about all the youtube accounts and blogs that i follow to try and keep myself in shape

DISCLAIMER - I am not a fitness guru by anyone's standards! I just like to do little things now and again, it makes me feel better about having a monstrous curry one night if i do a good workout the day after. ANYWAY, let's dive in....

Yoga With Adrienne
You probably have heard of YWA, if you haven't then GO, NOW, YOGA. Seriously even if you are a complete and utter beginner, Adrienne has got your back. There are a bunch of beginner videos, foundations of yoga videos which break down the moves for you, and simple gentle practices that can help you ease into it. I would especially recommend doing the 30 days of yoga challenge, i am currently doing the second 30 days of yogacamp which is amazing and so so rewarding. I promise you will feel 100% better and different for incorporating a bit of yoga into your life, even if it's a tiny bit here and there.

Cassis is crazy. I mean that in the best way possible! She will absolutely kick your ass, and still be so perky and smiling! I'll be there dripping with sweat, red like a beetroot, and she's there grinning like a cheshire cat, looking perfect and fit. Regardless of how much of a fitness goddess she is, she also runs the best fitness youtube channel/blog called Blogilates. The thing i love about Blogilates, is that if you sign up to the newsletter, you get monthly workout calendars and different challenges throughout the year, which are completely free! Cassie creates playlists on her youtube channel for the different days, which i love because i can just do whatever day that i'm on without worrying that I've missed out.

Fit Sugar
This is a blog that you've probably heard of, it covers pretty much everything that you'd like to read about regarding fitness, health, and wellbeing. I don't read it religiously, but i do like to have a quick neb from time to time. I like to mix up my routines, so sometimes it's fun to throw in something different that I've seen on fit sugar.

Tone it up
I envy these girls so much it's ridiculous! Karena and Katrina are gorgeoussssss, so healthy and fit. They run a blog, and youtube channel, but they also do a lot of workout DVD's that you can buy, and also things like nutrition plans, etc. to keep you in shape all year round. I like to do the various videos on their youtube channel, depending on what mood i'm in and what body part i want to work. If you are a little more serious about your fitness, then i'm sure that their nutrition plans and DVD's are worth buying! They're just a bit more on the pricey side, if what you're looking for is a cheap and easy way to workout.

If you're trying to do little things here and there to try and better yourself, then try doing a few workout videos every couple of days. I promise if you keep it up, you'll definitely see a difference and feel so much better in yourself.

If you already use these accounts, or use any others that are just as good let me know! Let's have a healthy start to the year!

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